Monday, April 19, 2010

Prison Break

I'll leave this one up to interpretation. I find that people build themselves many prisons in this world. Let's have fun and name a few things this poem could draw parallels to.

Prison Break

You can build a prison brick by brick
With fortified walls
With razor wire spiraling round
And sterile looking halls.

You can live there with your body
Or you can live there in your mind.
You can build it so that there
Is no exit at all to find.

Or you can stage a breakout.
You could be slipped a file,
But without a little help
You may be there for a while.

So go it alone my headstrong friend
If you never want escape,
But in the end don't you think
You're gonna want a prison break?

-Marjorie Napier-


Shannon said...

Wow, that conjures up a lot of different images..but the one that stands out is the prisons we build in our do that is to short ourselves and others our true selves...great post, thanks for sharing!


This puts the words "Prison Break" into a different perspective. the message came over,
I once was in that prison it was hard to break free but I succeeded.
Thanks for sharing,

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Really good! Yup, no doubt about it, you can definitely write poetry!

~ "Lonesome Dogg" McMe

arlee bird said...

I think a lot of people are afraid to break out of the security of their confining little cells. There are many kinds of prisons of the mind and many personal hells.

Nice work, Marjorie
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Grammy said...

Hey, there,
A really picturesque poem, and it conjures up so many ideas of the many prisons that people construct for themselves.

Not enough hours! said...

This poem is vintage Marjorie!!!!

And I quite agree that the prison of the mind could be more damning than the prison that houses a physical body. Just reading Agatha Cristie's Five Little Pigs, and it is exactly the same thing that the book talks about.

~ Rayna

Wanda said...

Hi Maarjorie,
Some how I've missed your blog in the A-Z Challenge. I really like this poem. Places of confinement can be physical or emotional.

Watery Tart said...

I like looking at something like addiction this way. That is a maximum security prison that probably needs someone on the INSIDE to help get a person out... a standard file isn't going to do it.

Funny, I've always thought a physical prison wouldn't be all that awful (other than the cellmates named Bubba)--my mind would roam free. The worst prison to me would be a slow dementia, where I can't access my mind, but it leaves slowly enough that I notice it going.

Jennifer said...

*hands Marjorie a file! I love you!

Marjorie said...

@ Shannon- Yes, it's not good to short change ourselves. We all need to be able to be who we are without all the walls.

@ Yvonne- I'm glad you were able to break free.

@ Stephen- Thank you, Coming from you that is great praise indeed.

@ Lee- Very poetic comment there, and so true.

@ Grammy- Thank you.

@ Natasha- Agatha Cristi huh? I haven't read any of her stuff, but perhaps I will.

@ Wanda- Thank you so much for stopping by. Always good to see a new person here.

@ Tami- I like the idea of drug addction as a parallel. But your dementia prison is much more frightening.

@ Jennifer- Thanks Doll! Love you too.