Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kite and Kitchens

Two light hearted poems today. I could use light hearted for such a difficult letter.


I've got string,
I've got rods,
I've got paper and ribbons,
I've got scissors,
And I've got my dad.
Later all I'll need is the wind.


Kitchens with dishes
Kitchens with dirt
Cleaning my kitchen
is exhausting work
The pans and the pots
Covered in gunk
The garbage can
piled high with junk
I need a maid
Because a maid I am not.
I think I'll go nuts
If I see one more pot
Caked with sauce or soup
from the previous night.
Lord knows my kitchen
is quite a sight!

-Marjorie Napier-



Two wonderful verses which was most enjoyable to read as usual. I actually saw a kite today whilst on the beach, some-one was flying one and I thought a K article but as I already submitted my poem for today I decided against it,

Have a nice day.

tooleftfeeet said...

i loved both of these because they were light...I don't read much poetry...i never found a way to crack the code. but your poems are delightful little morsels. thank you for sharing them

Lisa said...

Fun stuff Marjorie! I agree wholeheartedly with the kitchen one. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the kitchen one too! :)

Marjorie said...

@ Yvonne- Thank you. I'm glad you didn't do a kite poem. I would've felt like a copycat. ;)

@ tooleftfeeet- Yeah cracking the code of poetry can be rough. The Cloud by Shelly is a good example of beautiful verse that requires extensive translation.

@ Lisa- I can't stand cleaning the kitchen.

@ Melody- We can all relate I guess. :)

Not enough hours! said...

My favourite line "and I have my dad"!!!

Marjorie said...

Natasha, building kites seems like a particularly "dad" thing to do. Don't you think?

The Alliterative Allomorph said...

LOL. Awesome! Loved the kitchen one. I feel the same way!

Watery Tart said...

oh, very cute! I love them Marjorie!

Yeah... in agreement on dads and kites... dads seem to like their bonding time to be 'making something'.

Peggy said...

I missed this one somehow and just found it. Love it of course. The kitchen one is so perfect for you and of course the kite one is great too! Keep up the good poetry and writing Marjorie.