Friday, January 7, 2011


I find myself apologizing more and more. Especially since I promised project number three months ago. So I will give you all the best of my class if you don't mind. I might just give you more later, but I won't promise. I've had a rough couple of months, but 2011 promises to be a lot better.

Here are my photos:

These two are my favorites from the Tucson Meet Yourself folk festival.

I wish that this Photo could have had some sound attached. This man looked so severe, but had the most beautiful music flowing out of him! I can't describe to you all the absolutely amazing voice this man has. It almost had me in tears listening to him. I'm not kidding.

This next Photo is from a group of Native American dancers. It was so cool to get this photo during one of the dances.

This next photo is my favorite from my panoramas project.

I went out to Saguaro National Monument before noon one day. I took 8 photos upward and stitched them together in Photoshop. The extreme blue sky is a result of photographing before noon. Just a tip for those of you looking to get bluer skies in your photos.

These next two are from my Metaphors project.

Since they are visual metaphors I'll let you all guess as to what they mean. Makes it more fun.

Last but not least I'll give you my favorites from my final. My final was on the ballet dance students at the University of Arizona. They were very welcoming and I loved every minute of it.

This one is my favorite from my visit right before Halloween. It was so cute to see the dancers dressed up that day.

I LOVE this photo. My only regret is that it cuts off at the fingertips.

The instructor

My favorite

I think this photo shows a less idealized version of ballet. Definitely one of my favorites.

Well, That's it for now folks. I hope I didn't overwhelm you all with photos, but I wanted to give you a big post because I made you wait so long.