Thursday, January 7, 2010


I have been neglecting my blog. I have had a few things to say lately, but have been too lazy to actually write them down. Today I decided to dedicate a post to my favorite three year old.

Elijah is probably the sweetest little boy anyone will ever meet. Lately he has been telling me "I do it myself. I a big boy." I have to just smile and agree. I can't tell him he's little. That would be an insult, and would hurt his feelings. It's quite easy to hurt his feelings too. Almost every day this happens:


Me: "What's wrong Elijah? What happened?"

Elijah: "Dabieel (Gabriel) tell me 'no'!"

Me: "Well, calm down that's not a big deal. Gabriel, you leave it to me to tell him no."

I also have another tactic. He uses crying to try and get his way, which really drives me batty. He loves to have a fit when the baby is sleeping. So I'll tell him, "Are you a baby or a big boy?"

"I a big boy," he replies, tears still streaming down his cheeks.

"Okay, then stop crying like a baby. Only babies scream and cry to get what they want."

He will then wipe his eyes and pout for a minute before he gets over it completely.
Nevertheless, all this is so cute I can't help but want to give him what he wants most of the time. An impulse that I have to resist. Otherwise, he would eat nothing but cookies and candy.

He has started to do some things that I find absolutely hilarious. He'll fall down, quickly get back up, shout "I okay," and shake of like a dog. I always laugh which encourages him to start showing off. Of course, when a child is trying to be funny it's never as funny as when they aren't trying at all.

Elijah always has something on his face. If you notice, in the above picture he does have something on his face. Plus, he needs a haircut, but that's a different subject. He's three and I figure three year olds are supposed to have messy faces. So, there! I could wipe his face every hour on the hour, but I'm not going to. I could just wipe his face before I take his picture, but that wouldn't be capturing him in his natural state. Would it? Here's another picture to demonstrate my point.

I'll leave you all with that.