Sunday, August 22, 2010

Walk through the Desert with Me

Sorry for the long absence. I've been busy since my mom got back to the US and into town. She spent a year in Norway, and I'm so happy to have her back.

We decided to go for a walk the other morning for some exercise, and my sister-in-law knew of a path that goes through a very wild part of the city. She suggested I take my camera. For as much as I love to take pictures I hadn't thought of it until she suggested it, but I went ahead and packed up my camera and we were off to our little desert trail.

When we got there I discovered that the path was paved and looped around but was not near long enough for the walk we had in mind. Plus, there was a warning to watch out for scorpions, tarantulas, and rattle snakes. JOY! We went on ahead anyway, and when the path ended we took the rough trail for a while.

I took a good amount of pictures, and now you all can take the walk with me.

This is a cholla(pronounced: Choy-a) cactus. Not the prettiest of cacti, but this one was quite big.

This is a very cool dead tree. Some of you might not find it as cool as I did. I liked it.

A very pretty barrel cactus flower

The same barrel cactus with my mom's shadow

A bunch of yellow flowers growing between the rocks.

An ocotillo cactus

A palo verde tree. These grow such beautiful yellow flowers in the spring.

A very strange, little, spikey thing

A tiny barrel cactus

A neat little bush I found

A very scary spider hole

A lizard that lost his tail

Another cool little lizard

A ground squirrel

A giant saguaro. This is what my desert is known for. Yes, they are giant. For a little perspective see the next picture.

This is my mom next to the cactus in the last picture. Did you know they can grow as tall as two giraffes?