Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The following poem is dedicated to my mother who has the most infectious laugh I've ever heard.


My sense of humor isn't main stream
It's not right or wrong
I just know that when I laugh
Everyone laughs along

I've had a long hard life it's true
I've had my share of strife
But when I laugh it's sure to bring
laughter into your life

Most of the time I'm called strong willed
And even then I know
That even if it's not funny
My laugh will make you glow

It's called infectious. That's the word.
Believe that even if
You like me or you choose to not
My laugh will give your day a lift.

-Marjorie Napier-


wolfwhisper said...

Nice work Marjorie. With "Mom's" perpetual tendency to laugh and be generally joyful, there comes for me a deeper sadness when she has those times of tears and fears, provoking a sense of helplessness beyond the "norm".
Funny that something in me KNEW at the age of about 19 when I once saw her walking down the street in Paxton (before I even knew who she was), that our souls would become (or remain, perhaps, from another life) irrevokably intertwined.
The picture melts my heart, BTW....lovely.


Lovely, I wrote about my mum for the letter "M"

Take care.

Jennifer said...

If your mom didnt laugh like that i would feel as if the whole world had hit the mute button on happiness! And yes it dont have to be funny if she is laughing I am joining in! There have been times when i have forgotten about it and then all the sudden I hear it and its like a warm blanket!

Lisa said...

I did my L post on laughter, too. Now I wish I could hear your mom laugh! :)

The Alliterative Allomorph said...

That's very sweet. I really like the way you rhyme. Good going. :)

Watery Tart said...

very nice Marjorie--what a nice dedication to your mom.

Marjorie said...

@ WolfWhisper (Ralph?)- That's a great picture isn't it? I love that picture.

@ Yvonne- My mom is my inspiration for strength. I'll go check ou your M post too. :)

@ Jennifer- You know your entire comment was rather poetic. Yes, mom has the best laugh in the world in my opinion.

@ Lisa- One day I'll get it on video and then everyone can.

@ Alliterative- It's been my experience that poems that have rhyme and rythm are more memorable. So, I do try to rhyme when I can even when it is just slant rhyme.

@ Tami- It was bound to happen one of the days this month. My mom is truly the strongest person I have ever met.

Shannon said...

Very nicely done! I wrote about miracles for my M day! I love to laugh, it is energizing isn't it!