Monday, April 12, 2010


The following is a work of fiction


As I stared at the earrings in the display case I wondered how bad it would be just to buy them. I had rent next month to think about and my cell phone bill too. Plus, I had to eat, but those earrings were calling my name like the pair of strappy sandals last month. I had lost three pounds in the resulting fast at the end of the month when money was tight. At least my feet looked fab the entire time even if I felt less than stellar.

The month before that I had to go to the 99 cent store to buy my toiletries so that I could have that amazing blouse I saw in Bloomingdale's. My hair looked lank and my backside was a tad chaffed from the cheap toilet paper, but the guys in the office couldn't keep their eyes off me.

Each month I thought back to I saw some different sacrifice I had to make in other parts of my life. So as I stood there justifying how good I would look with those new dangley numbers hanging from my ears I couldn't help wondering why I couldn't just look good all around without all the sacrifice. Either I was going to have to get a better job, or I was going to have to stop shopping. AW Screw it! I asked the clerk to see the earrings.

The End



Do they look good? but be careful you don't make yourself ill by not eating properly.

I enjoyed your write I too was a bit like you when younger.....until the children came on the scene Look forward to your next blog.


Raquel Byrnes said...

Ha! The bigger the paycheck, the more expensive your taste gets...believe me. Hope they looked fabulous on you!

Marjorie said...

@ Yvonne- This wasn't a story about me. It was just a character. But I'm glad I had people convinced. ;)

@ Raquel- It's true, but, you know, I was never able to buy a single thing for myself without feeling SOME kind of guilt over it. If the character were me I think I would have walked away from the earrings.

Lisa said...

Another great post. I really enjoyed reading that. I'm like you, I wouldn't have sacrificed all those other things for vanity. :)

arlee bird said...

Yeah heck, why not? I enjoy your short little story vignettes.
I am mentioning your site on my post for Tuesday 4/13.
Blogging From A to Z April Challenge

The Alliterative Allomorph said...

hahaha! I do that all the time :)

Not enough hours! said...

Lovely story.

Marjorie, I am so glad you are doing this challenge. You were always a fantastic writer, but life never gave you time to write. Now you are churning out a masterpiece every day. Congratulations!

Nf1andprek-whisper said...

so, whether it was a character or not you can email me for more info because it describes me 5 years ago when I was single. I did just that. THe earrings are really nice all those colors, do you actual own any of the ones picutured are you turning the charachter into a book? I can't spell worth a darn either, I found you as Tossing it out there Arlee posted about you and I came by to check you out, I was going to use the word justification also so funny but i like your idea of it not being you.

Watery Tart said...

Oh, this is great, Marjorie! It 20-something I think MANY of us go through this--prior to kids and responsibilities... very nice!

Marjorie said...

@ Lisa- Yeah I like eating more than shoes. Though I really DO like shoes.

@ Lee- I'm glad. Thanks again for the mention.

@ Alliterative- Remind me to find out your real name. I suppose for some it is hard to resist.

@ Natasha- You are just too sweet for words.

@ Whisper- I don't actually own any of those. I didn't take the photo. I love them though. I have to admit I actually have had a bit of an obsession with dangly earrings since I was about 10 or 11.

@ Tami- I never really had a 20 something time. I had Isabella at 20. It's weird these 20 something characters are still there in my head.