Saturday, April 3, 2010


The following is a work of fiction.


"I'm putting this up where you can't get it," Mommy said as she frowned at me.

She was angry that I had gotten into the candy jar again. She set it on the top shelf of the pantry where she was sure I couldn't reach it, but I'm a good climber. I waited until she was distracted and I climbed to the top shelf to get a piece.

It was a strawberry flavored hard candy. I went back to my room so she wouldn't hear me unwrapping it. I popped it into my mouth. I liked that these had the soft center. That was my favorite part.

Just then I heard Mommy calling my name. She opened my bedroom door. "There you are! What are you doing in here all by yourself?" I just shook my head. She got that look on her face. She knew. She put her hand under my chin. "Spit it out," she commanded. I spit, but if she was getting my candy away from me I was going to make her sorry.


I can keep this up all day.

The End



I liked this, reminds me of one of my children when small. Oh the memories came flooding back. Thanks for sharing.


Marjorie said...

I based this story off of my three year old son. He has a real sweet tooth, and he can climb to almost anywhere.

Watery Tart said...

I think this really happened to me. Are you stealing my thoughts? Though we never had candy at HOME and my grandma never made me spit it out. I did a fair amount of candy theft as a child, though... Very nice!

Lady Jayne said...

Oh yes. This is exactly how it's been in my house too these past few days. The only safe place to stash the goodies is on top of the fridge and my boy *still* manages to snag it.

Somethings are just universal, I guess. LoL!

Marjorie said...

@ The Tart- That's why it's a work of fiction. Idealy I would make him spit it out if he weren't so good at hiding the theft. ;-)

@Lady Jayne- They can be recourceful when they really want something can't they?

arlee bird said...

And as though bacon weren't enough, we now go to my other weakness-- candy. That kid could have been me.

Marjorie said...

@ Lee- Am I wrong in thinking you might like bacon flavored candy? Is there such a thing?

Not enough hours! said...

I too hide things on top of the fridge, and still find them gone :-(

And am I glad you are blogging everyday. You are a wonderful writer, and I really loved every one of your stories (Isabell's is my favourite, though)

Shannon said...

Hmmm, that sound familiar to have 4 children so that is probably why! Following you via the A-Z Challenge...thanks for sharing, hope to see you around my blog someday!

Marjorie said...

@ Natasha- I joined the challenge so that I would have an obligation to blog every day. I need to write more. Writing was my first passion. I think I need to get back to why I started writing as a child. And I'm glad you liked my stories. Isabella is probably my most complex child. There should be plenty more stories to tell from her POV.

@ Shannon- I suppose many mothers can relate. Candy is so hard for the little ones to resist.