Saturday, April 7, 2012

Third Project or The Flop

I said I'd post again after my third project, and I am back and keeping my promise. Hooray for me! I certainly wish I could say that my project went over excellently and that I am positive of a good grade. Sadly my set of photos were underexposed and they certainly didn't look that way in camera, but on the computer they told a different story and I think I'll pay for it with a lower grade. You see, we're not allowed to touch the photos to do any post processing at all. Otherwise I could have helped them along a tad like I've done here for you. The point of not allowing post processing is to make sure that we get the lighting right in the studio. I think I got the lighting right. It was my camera settings I really didn't pay attention to as well. I was rushed and sloppy and I paid for it.

This is an important skill for me to learn though. The instructor told us a story about going to some event or other with 200 other photographers. He said there were probably 3 of them that knew lighting. The rest did not. He said they complained about not getting a lot of work, but the truth of it is it was because they just didn't know the stuff I am learning now. So I'm glad that this was a learning experience for me if nothing else.

Our third assignment was to do dramatic lighting for portraits along the lines of Hurrel the celebrity photographer. He gave us some classic lighting techniques and told us to use them to light our models face in a way that worked for the type of face that the model had. One of the main points of the assignment was to celebrate the fact that people are different and to light accordingly.

I used my other daughter, Roxanne as my model, and she is a more patient soul than Isabella is. She did really well. Here are the photos I submitted for a grade.

That's all for now folks.