Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Project 2- Self Portraits

I told you all to expect posts on my projects. Project number 2 was self portraits. I don't have anything much to say about them. They were supposed to show who I am in some way. I hope at least that came across.

Well, that's it. That's me. I thought they turned out well enough. Whether they were well enough for the prof. remains to be seen.

The next post will be on the "Tucson Meet Yourself" folk festival. Stay tuned.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Project number 1

If you have been reading for a while you know that I am in a photography class. I had promised to post photos on my blog, but I wanted to make sure the projects were over and turned in first. I don't know why. This first project was called What do you know. It was basically assigned to see what kind of photos we knew how to take and where we are in terms of experience and know-how.

The assignment itself was simple enough: Take four different pictures(out of about 100 exposures) of the same subject. They were not to be slight variations on one another. They had to be clearly different. I chose as my subject an old, worn out boot. It was mainly because I thought a worn boot would have a sort of personality.

When critique time came I realized that I was more advanced than some people but far inferior to others. I expected as much. What I didn't expect was that perhaps I was a bit to obscure in my story. My boot was supposed to be on a journey. Oh well.

I decided to make to story a bit more concrete on my blog and write a poem accompanied by the photos. So without further ado here is:

The Higher Ground

I stepped upon the river bank
In search of higher ground
And laid upon the green grass
When none was to be found

Wandering far from home
I stood upon a wall
That was not high enough
Not adequate at all

I made for distant peaks
My body old and worn
The higher ground was nearing
I'd get there as I'd sworn

I climbed both long and high
To the summit of the mount
My weary life behind me
As I solemnly looked out

My life at closing time drew near
I recognized that truth
I closed my eyes and said goodbye
To old age and to youth.

-Marjorie Napier-

Well, That's that. My next projects are close together. I have to complete on this weekend and another by next weekend. Expect posts.