Saturday, April 30, 2011


For my final post there will not be a poem, but rather the true story of how I was electrocuted today. Okay, so it was more like a few small zaps by an electric current but still I think that it qualifies.

Once upon a time, you know, this morning I was trying to think of a topic for the letter Z. I stared at the blinking cursor. It was no use. I would have to try again later.

A second later My daughter yelled at me from the kitchen, "Mommy, Noah just threw his rice all over the floor!" Oh great, I would have to sweep the floor. Z was really going to have to wait now.

Sweeping the floor was proving no use. The rice was sticking to the broom and to the floor. I would actually have to get down on my knees with a dishcloth and wipe it off the tile that way.

As I went to rinse off my dishcloth something really weird happened. I thought my hand had curiously fallen asleep under the water. I removed my hand from the water and it was still a bit tingly. I tried to get the blood flow back going and went to finish rinsing my dishcloth. This time the moment I put my hand in the water the tingling began again. I asked my mom to come over and put her hand in. Nothing. I put my hand in. Something. While the water was still running I set my hand on the metal of the sink. Something again. Nothing for Mom.

Then the light bulb. Duh! There was and electric current running through the water in the sink. I was barefooted. Mom had on rubber soled shoes. My husband had a further enlightenment and unplugged the garbage disposal. Now this is the part that really annoyed me. The hubby turned on the water and told me to put MY hand back in it. After having been shocked more times than I have told you here he asks ME to put my hand back in the water to test. I told him to do it. He refused. I guess chivalry really IS dead.

And that's the story of how I was zapped by electricity this morning.

The End


Anonymous said...

hahaha oh poor you. :) Congrats on finishing. You have done a great job.

Jessica Bell said...

Oh my god! I'm furious at your husband! LOL sounds just like mine. He always asks me to taste stuff he thinks might be past its used-by date. :-/ Congrats on finishing the challenge!

baygirl32 said...

Men are wimps! LOL Glad it was only a little Zap and nothing too serious

Congrats on finishing the A to Z - we made it!

Nf1andprek-whisper said...

actualy a bit scary.... funny for zap though.. .can't wait to read your reflection monday

Leovi said...

Sucsión really a whole of events that have earned it the Z. I also am used to my mischievous son of 7 years. A greeting.

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Marjorie, we did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!

Angela Felsted said...

Is it bad that I can't stop laughing at this? Zapped, what a great way to get your inspiration. I guess chivalry really is dead.

Ella said...

Scary way to find your Z word! You win!
Congrats on finishing and I'm glad you are okay!
I will be by to visit, again soon~

Grammy said...

Dear Marjorie,
ROLLING ON THE FLOOR! I just had to laugh out loud, not at your getting the shocking treatment of course, but that your husband asked you to check it again instead of doing so himself. Just too funny. I am glad you didn't get shocked out of your shoes...yeah, I know you didn't have any on to begin with. Thank you for being so faithful to come and read my meandering thoughts and your support. Love,Ruby

Name: Luana Krause said...

That is so FREAKY! Well, at least you found a great topic for your "Z" post. LOL

alberta ross said...

was it ever alive I wonder -maybe just a rumour put around my men!!! however it proves a point no? women are tougher than men!!!!
well done for finishing challenge it was fun even if hard wasn't it