Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Precariously Placed Potions

Okay so there wasn't really a potion, but it sounds good.

Place your potion carefully
Upon a low and sturdy spot
Do not place it high
Do not place it hot

If I may suggest to you
Not to be really thick
And place that potion somewhere
Where it will firmly stick

For if you place it above a door
And I open that hinge be sure
Your potion may fall upon my toes
My anger will be pure

Be careful, thoughtless man
To place that cup down low
Or rest and be assured
To the doghouse you will go.

Okay so a little background on this silly little poem. Last night I was looking for something to make with dinner and decided to peek in the freezer for some frozen veggies. When I opened that freezer I got quite a surprise. Perched quite precariously on top of that refrigerator was a coffee cup that came crashing down. It broke right over top of my left big toe. I was NOT a happy camper. I would like to say that I forgive the husband for putting that cup there. My toe may not forgive him for a while though.


Ella said...

Ouch; sounds like a moment in my life! My husband wanted to know who left coffee mugs with tea bags in the car.
I told him, "go look in the mirror, those would be yours".
"I don't drink tea" he yelled.
"Funny, looks like coffee singles to me"(they come in a huge tea bag)~

I loved your poem, but so sad about your foot. I still have a nice mark on my big toe. A wine bottle rolled out of the truck and landed on my foot. Yeah, I wasn't happy, either~

welcome to my world of poetry said...

OH DEAR, how painful Marjorie, toes and fingers when hurt seems to take longer to stop hurting.

Thanks for the comment I see what you mean about another subject cropping up.

Hart Johnson said...

Ouch! Great poem inspired though! I'd much rather have you for my potions teacher than Snape. Snape would have cursed that potion propper properly!

Tara Tyler said...

potions, elixirs, wake-up juice =)
I've never had anything fall on me, but my husband takes things out of the fridge while he's searching and leaves them on top, like the milk!
Happy P Day!

Arlee Bird said...

Good that you made something funny out of a bad situation. Guess you could call it positive displacement.

Tossing It Out
Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

Leovi said...

You really have a great sense of humor to ralizar so nice poem from a domestic accident I congratulate you.

Nf1andprek-whisper said...

wow... i need to get inspiration.. from this type of thing...
you are so good at poetry

Will Burke said...

Oh hell, that sounds awful! When I'm injured by falling objects, it gets verbally creative, but it sure ain't poetic! It's had to get more creative with the little one imitating words; she'll be saying "Son of a...motherless goat!"
Glad that I could affirm your Occult deffinition, it's a REALLY misunderstood term ;)

Crystal Pistol said...

Silly poems are often the best kind. I think we could all use more silly in our lives! :) Hope your toe feels better.