Friday, April 22, 2011


Shells all over and I'm holding one
Curled in a spiral waiting
Waiting 'till it thinks I'm gone
I'm patient for it to emerge
Slowly it slimily slides on my palm
Leaving it's trail of goo behind
I touch one eye and it slinks back in
I touch the other; it does the same
I smile at my fun with my slippery friends
Until my big brother brings salt


welcome to my world of poetry said...

I spent much time on the beach so see many shells, loved your poem Marjorie.


Jan Morrison said...

Yikes! Poor wee snail. Kids are ruthless aren't they! Good poem...
Jan Morrison

Leovi said...

Nice poem and very sensitive. Greetings

Hart Johnson said...

Oh! run from brother! Boys can be so rotten! I saw that slug trick once and saved them ever after. Even gross bugs don't deserve that!

Tara Tyler said...

I love snails! Why are some boys so ready to destroy? (one of mine included!)
happy s day =)

Will Burke said...

Oh, that takes me back! I spent many childhood hours doing just that. Poor li'l fellows.

kmckendry said...

Snails are so cute aren't they, with their tiny little eyes on the ends of antennae. (Is that what they are called antennae?)

Ella said...

I love seeing them poke out and then back in.
Boys are made of snails and puppy dog tails..right?!