Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's day and I was going to try and post. To be quite honest I was being lazy all day and I was happy to stay lazy all day. My husband didn't ask me to do anything around the house and I only got mad at him once. You'd know the accomplishment there if you spent 10 minutes in my house on any given day. Haha! Anyway, It was a good day.

Here is a little tidbit I came up with yesterday while thinking about motherhood.

To be a mother is not to have your heart divided. It is to have your heart multiplied and individualized for each one of your children. In that way, a mother is very much like God.

You hear that moms? You are like God. A concept I would love to have each and every mother own. It was not only man that was created in the image of God it was also woman.

Let's take a moment and consider the big bang and the Bible. Completely compatible in my opinion. God said, "Let there be light" and all of a sudden there was. Then God began the slow process of creation. Imagine that explosion and then slow creation. Sounds quite like the human creation process to me except a lot more cosmic. *cough cough* What if God is Father/Mother. Together and seperate at the same time. Something to think about.

Now that you've seen how my thought process works I think it only fair to share some photos to take your mind off how nuts I am.....

The kids when they were younger in order from oldest to youngest.






After all that I want to say how excited I am that I got another award! The Alliterative Allomorph gave me the Beautiful blogger award. Thanks so much!

So now I'm passing it on to some other bloggers. Both put a smile on my face, truly.
Rayna Iyer From Coffee Rings Everywhere

And Ruby from The Blabbin' Grammy

Sorry about the lack of links. I still haven't figured out how to do that in HTML mode and I have to use HTML mode to post pictures without a big amount of hassle.



A wonderful post and those gorgeous children my they do you proud.
Congratulations on the award, I don't know how to pass an award on though I have plenty of people I so much want to award.
Will have to sit and work it out.

Have a lovely day.

Nf1andprek-whisper said...

congrats on your new award, your are so young to have so many cute children. I love your comparison, to both god and mother. I read a book the shack, hard book to read, religiously but it had a few things in the book like you are refering if you have not read it try it out, Lisa from bomastic bandicot read it but she did not care for it.

arlee bird said...

I just went over your past several posts to catch up. Some interesting things have been going on here. You continue to express your thoughts very well.

May 17th Fifteen Fantasy Island Favorites

Anonymous said...

Your kids are sooooo cute!

When I fell pregnant the second time, both Adam and I were terrified that we wouldn't love our second baby as much as the first, but what you say is 100% true
"To be a mother is not to have your heart divided. It is to have your heart multiplied and individualized for each one of your children."
And there's always room for another one :)

Patricia Stoltey said...

What darling kids! I thought two was a handful, so I'm not sure how you were able to raise five -- must be that multiplied heart idea in action.

Marjorie said...

@ Yvonne- Thank you. I love my babies.

@ whisper- Yeah, people's eyes tend to get a little wider when I tell them I have five. Sounds like an interesting book. I'll add it to my list of books to take a look at.

@ Lee- Yeah definately interesting times around here in the last few posts. I think I may have gotten a few people a tad riled up. hehe. I suppose I was a little myself.

@ Thanks I think so too. I think that is a common fear amoung second time parents. Take it from someone who was less than excited about her second pregnancy. If I can love my unexpected child so thouroughly anyone can love any child planned or unplanned just as much as their first.

@ Patricia- I thought two was a big deal too when I only had two. The prospect of three was frightening. It really wasn't that big of a deal though. I say the transition from one to two is the hardest.

Marjorie said...

Shoot third comment was for God's student.


Hi, if you go to my post "A New Beginning" there's an award fro you, I appreciate all the support youhave given me.