Sunday, December 13, 2009

Let's Have some Professional Pride Please!

As far back as I can remember school photos have been (mostly) about highlighting the awkward stages of our development. It's amazing how little has changed since I was child. School photographers possess the unique talent of making even the cutest kids look downright goofy. This is the subject of today's post.

I recently put my girls into public school for the first time. It was hard at first, but it is getting easier.I was homeschooling, but I soon realized that more than two students is too much for me.

Then came school photo time. It's the magical time when a parent has to debate weather or not to buy photos that may or may not turn out. We decided since it was their first year in public school we would spring for them. I'm not sure I will opt for them ever again. Let me explain. I love my kids, and I think they are beautiful as any parent should. BUT I'm not delusional, and I know a good photo from a bad one. This photographer took probably 3.5 seconds on each photo for each child. This person probably said, "say, cheese!", took the picture, and shuffled the kids off so that he/she could get through the day quickly. It's not that the pictures are terrible. They're just... awkward. Do you think this person could have taken the time to get just the right kind of smile? Maybe made sure there was no hair sticking up?

I remember one school photo that was taken of me in the 5th grade that turned out amazing (as good as school photos can go at any rate). The photographer took the time to make sure that I was posed and smiling nicely. It was a good photo. I just wish that the girls' school photographer had as much professional pride as the one I had for my 5th grade photo.

Don't you all think that a photographer better make damn sure that a child's parent can't take a better picture with his/her eyes closed? For examples please see previous posts.

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Watery Tart said...

It DOES seem like they could learn some tricks. I had a handful of good school pictures, but I think the key was there was a time in my life I really enjoyed having my picture taken--pics of HAPPY people always turn out better--a real smile being better than a fake...

If the photographer would say just a few words though, to relax the kids, it would go a long way.