Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Birthday

So yesterday was Roxanne's birthday. It was mainly uneventful. She enjoyed the special attention. Although she did think she could get away with more just because it was her birthday. Every time it was made clear she could still get in trouble she would start in on the crying. She tends to do that anyway. The difference was that yesterday she tacked on a, "But it's my birthday!" to the beginning of the you-broke-my-pea-pickin'-heart type hysterics. She didn't have too bad a day though. It was a normal day, really. Roxanne does have such a sweet temperament that she thinks she can get away with more. Instead of outright defiance she just ignores me. It drives me crazy.

Anyway, we went ahead and got her a small cake and a little present. If a birthday is in the middle of the week we go ahead and do a small thing on the actual birthday. On the weekend we make it a bigger deal and have a party. Plus, we give a better present. I'm not sure what it will be yet. It's always the last minute with us. We have a good idea of what she wants, and we have to see how much that cost before deciding if we are getting her anything else. We'll see.

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Peggy said...

She is, of course adorable.